Brigantia partners with Rootshell Security

Rootshell is the latest vendor to join the diverse portfolio of cybersecurity distributor Brigantia, who will serve as the sole distributor of Rootshell in the UK and Ireland. Over the last few months, the Brigantia team has worked extensively with Rootshell to optimise vulnerability management and penetration testing services provided by MSPs.

There are numerous reasons why businesses may fail to perform regular vulnerability assessments. Regular vulnerability scans help businesses stay ahead of potential threats, whether due to a lack of awareness or limited resources, and this is exactly what Rootshell and Brigantia offer.

The Prism platform from Rootshell was created by experienced penetration testers and IT security leaders. The platform was designed to reimagine and modernise vulnerability management by doing away with time-consuming spreadsheets, PDFs, and manual processes.

Prism makes it simple for MSPs and IT teams to consolidate the threat landscape for their clients, making the remediation process more agile, streamlined, and data driven.

The Prism platform works by:

  • Prioritising – by integrating with exploit resources, sending instant alerts when an exploit is discovered, and assigning priority ratings to assets for easy tracking.
  • Remediation – it integrates with ticketing systems, improves collaboration between colleagues and testers, sends real-time test updates, and streamlines project management.
  • Re-assessing – it enables you to set and measure service level agreements (SLAs), monitor compliance, and Prism will highlight issues remediated on your behalf.
  • Analysing – businesses gain valuable visible insights, such as the number of exploitable issues, trending data analysis of your digital estate, and useful charts and graphs for reporting.

Brigantia sales director Angus Shaw said: “The addition of Rootshell Security to our vendor portfolio allows our partners to provide complete vulnerability management to their clients. Identifying potential vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them is critical, as it can prevent legal liabilities, financial losses, and reputational damage. The Prism platform is the ideal solution for complete vulnerability management.”

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