Lindy launches trio of new products for high resolution connectivity

Lindy has launched three new products that are geared towards high resolution connectivity – the DST-Mini Duo, the 2 Port HDMI 8K60 Switch and a 10m Fibre Optic Hybrid HDMI 8K60 Cable.

The DST-Mini Duo is a high performance and versatile solution for connecting laptops, tablets or smartphones to a range of interfaces including 2 HDMI displays. Featuring all critical interfaces required for a modern workstation, this Mini Docking Station uses a single USB 3.2 Type C cable to connect up to two 4K displays simultaneously*, while improving connectivity to other devices through Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.2 / 3.1 SuperSpeed 10Gbps and 5Gbps ports.

This Laptop Docking Station enables the connection of an HDMI display to a laptop at resolutions of 8K 7680×4320 30Hz using DisplayPort Alternate Mode through the USB Type C port. It also supports video resolutions of 4K 120Hz, making it the ideal tool for high resolution video editing or game streaming.  It features three USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C and A ports providing 10Gbps high data transfer speeds as well as three 5Gbps USB Type A ports.

This Docking Station also supports Power Delivery 3.0 up to 100W for charging the connected laptop.  A power supply is not included. The dock can be used with the power supply supplied with the laptop or a power supply can be purchased separately.

The Lindy 2 Port HDMI 48G switch is a compact, high-quality solution for effortlessly switching between 2 HDMI source devices when connected to a single display.

Supporting HDMI 48G signals, this switch allows for the transmission of detailed 8K Ultra High-Speed resolutions, while additional support for HDR ensures video content features greater contrasts and a much wider colour gamut. This switch is perfect for a premium residential setup, eye-catching digital signage in retail settings or engaging presentations.

This switch also provides efficient, simple switching options for the user, via an included IR remote or push buttons on the main unit. The switch can also identify the active HDMI source device and automatically switch to this option, providing a useful solution for when the unit is required to be out of sight. HDCP 2.3 ensures the compatibility with a variety of 8K content from source devices including set top boxes, Graphics cards, Blu-Ray players and 8K HDR Media players.

10m Fibre Optic Hybrid HDMI 8K60 Cable – Lindy’s range of Fibre Optic Hybrid cables are a professional solution for extending HDMI signals over longer distances. Combining the flexibility and high EMI & RFI resistance of fibre optic cable with standard copper cabling, these hybrid cables are ideal for use in critical AV setups, commercial displays or high-performance residential installations.

The internal technology provides uncompressed amplification of the HDMI signal, allowing long distance extension of HDMI 8K content that is simply not possible with passive cables.

With 48Gbps bandwidth, these cables support HDMI 2.1 resolutions up to 3840×2160@120Hz, and 7680×4320 / 10240×4320@60Hz. Content can be viewed with incredible detail and clarity at higher refresh rates for optimum viewing of movies, graphics or imagery.

As well as static HDR, HDMI hybrid cables also brings further support for dynamic HDR formats such as Dolby Vision and HDR10+. This provides every moment of content, whether scene by scene or even frame by frame, with a much wider colour gamut based on the BT.2020 colour space, higher peak brightness and deep blacks for optimum contrasts as well as greater depth of colour. This is essential for the transmission of VOD content including TV shows and movies, as well as VR and video games, ideal in eSports, retail setups and superior home cinema installations.

The advance of audio control and formats is also brought forward with HDMI. eARC support further simplifies connectivity with compatible sound systems, amplifiers and soundbars, passing lossless audio from the source to the connected output over the cable. eARC also supports high bitrate audio with a sample rate of up to 192kHz and up to 32 channels. This allows for the use of object-based audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, truly surrounding the viewer in immersive sound to enhance and compliment the video content. This is great for multi-dimension residential setups, cinema installations, or inspiring event distribution.

Whether used with residential gaming setups or premium eSports events, these AOC cables also provide extensive features for enhancing the gaming experience, whilst also benefitting fast moving sports and entertainment content. VRR (Variable Refresh rate) reduces and eliminates lag, judder and frame tearing for a much fluid gameplay experience whether it’s for quick reactions in an action game or scoring a last-minute winner in sports games. ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) further helps this by enabling the ideal latency setting for smooth transitions of content. QFT (Quick Frame Transport) also assists with ensuring low latency, by transporting frames at a higher rate which can prove essential with real time VR gameplay. These features also benefit various other industries such as sports bar screen distribution,  medical facilities, experiential displays or news broadcasting.

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