Lindy launches Cat.6A S/FTP Locking Network Cable

Lindy has launched a specialised Locking Network Cable. The company already produces an RJ45 Port Blocker device designed to restrict access to unused network connections on a terminal. These locking plugs are inserted into the socket where they cannot be removed without the matching key. This leaves a potential vulnerability where a cable is connected as a normal cable could be disconnected and malicious access granted via the newly accessible RJ45 socket.

The Cat.6A S/FTP Locking Network Cable is designed to eliminate this point of risk. In addition to the RJ45 connection itself, it is fitted with a locking system that prevents removal of the plug. When the plug is inserted into the socket, a sliding lock engages over the release catch. With this engaged, it is impossible to release the cable from the socket unless you are in possession of the matching key. The key is suppled with each cable and is simple to use; insert it into the slide lock and it will pull back, allowing the cable to be released as normal. The key is supplied on a key ring for simplified storage.

At a stroke, this can eliminate the point of vulnerability when combined with the port blockers serving to protect the unused sockets. It could not be simpler to use and is suitable for use in schools, offices, public sector, medical or industrial environments or anywhere that it is desirable to prevent the spread of computer viruses or unauthorised access.

The Locking Network Cable has support for bandwidth up to 500MHz and features a snaggles design with gold plated contacts for ethernet standards up to 10 GBase-T. Internally, the cable is shielded with braid as an overall shield and then foil shielded for the individual wire pairs giving outstanding resistance to external interference. The Cat.6A S/FTP Locking Network Cable is available in lengths between 0.3 and 20 metres which ensures it will fit your existing requirements while boosting security at the same time. A discrete grey finish is provided for all lengths.

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