Zyxel’s new range of WiFi 6E APs support better coverage and wider range for SMBs

Zyxel Networks has developed a new series of WiFi 6E access points (APs), giving access to the newly opened 6GHz radio spectrum.

WiFi 6E addresses WiFi congestion, but implementing WiFi 6E across an entire network can be costly. For those working on a tight budget, such as SMBs and schools, using WiFi 6E APs in congested hotspots is a more affordable solution. However, given the high-frequency nature of 6GHz, most WiFi 6E devices typically have a shorter range, which can create an uneven user experience for those connecting at varying distances.

Zyxel’s three new indoor AP models include NWA220AX-6E and WAX620D-6E, which both sport the BandFlex antenna for those looking to off-load traffic to 6GHz from existing WiFi 5 or WiFi 6 networks. The third in the family, WAX640S-6E is a premium tri-band model with a smart antenna.

Zyxel 6E Boost – unlocking the full potential of WiFi 6E
The three new APs are equipped with a 4×4 radio in 6Ghz, RF filters and optimised components to maximise the range each AP can cover.

BandFlex – 5GHz or 6GHz, switch as you need
The WAX620D-6E and NWA220AX-6E APs feature BandFlex – a radio design that can be configured in either 5GHz or 6GHz. This provides more flexibility for those looking to off-load WiFi traffic in congested areas to the newly opened 6GHz, or to those who would rather deploy 5GHz for now and switch to 6GHz when they have more compatible client devices working in a particular area. The WAX620D-6E and NWA220AX-6E also allow for a more budget-friendly choice than a full-fledged tri-band AP.

The greater the number of devices and applications running in the same space, the higher the chance of interference. With Zyxel’s WiFi 6E APs, interference is much less of a concern, as they come with an Advanced RF filter plus Advanced Cellular Coexistence, which minimises interference from nearby 5GHz channels and 4G/5G mobile networks. The premium model, WAX640S-6E, also includes a smart antenna, which continuously monitors the connection and adaptively adjusts its antenna patterns to mitigate co-channel interferences and boost WiFi performance.

“There’s an increased reliance on devices and applications in our workplaces, schools, and campuses – making us ever more dependent on the capabilities of WiFi. Small businesses and public sector organizations need a high-quality, high-speed service, regardless of proximity or the number of people connected, which is why we’re introducing our new WiFi 6E APs to alleviate the strain on WiFi networks,” comments Mr. Crowley Wu, Senior Vice President of Zyxel Networking SBU.

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