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QBS Partner content: Hitachi Security Business Group’s Andy Milton

In an interview with QBS: Alpha Gen, the UK’s Cyber Security Value Added Distributor arm of QBS, Hitachi Security Business Group’s, Head of Sales and Marketing, Andy Milton discuses the latest advances in biometrics.

Here’s what Andy Milton had to say:

Please could you tell me a bit more about the company and it’s core specialisms in regards to biometrics?
Hitachi is a large Japanese company with the Security business group specialising in Biometrics. Hitachi developed and patented the FingerVein scanning technology as a spin off of their medical products group. The Vein pattern of a person is more unique and much more robust than fingerprint, not damaged by normal daily activity. Used initially in Japan to allow citizens to collect benefits and pensions from ATMs.

What is the safest form of biometric tech to use?
Of course, I will say finger Vein (please see article on p13) but as we can offer a non-contact solution that provides the user with a method of authenticating without shining lights in the eyes or at the face. Also, highly secure as to capture a user’s Vein pattern is hard unless the user is complicit, as it’s not left behind on surfaces or on display in the normal world. It also helps as the user doesn’t have to remove their facemask.

Can you mention any key industry partnerships that you are currently involved in in regards to biometrics?
Hitachi are partnering with many companies on projects with our partners, such as QBS: Alpha Gen, the UK’s cyber security value added distribution arm of QBS, Fingo with the Egyptian national Identity project, In Russia with Advent and their Customer Beeline (largest telco in Russia), Soc Gen in France and Barclays in the UK for Corporate payments solutions.

How advanced is this technology and do you see it being increasingly used in the future?
I think we are at the start of some major changes in the use of Biometrics. The user adoption on mobile will help with this as they have gone from the technology in movies as the technology of choice for many users. Asking users to carry 100’s of ID, Credit, loyalty and membership cards as well as remembering long complex passwords has to change and embracing something that also makes the world safe and easier has always been a key driver.

Has COVID-19 had any impact on the need for this tech such as temperature readers?
We have seen the demand for contactless solutions and more flexible solutions mandated in many areas. Protecting users health and ensuring you know where they are working if an issues occurs is important. So being able to use a single platform across many different devices or locations is becoming more important.

How is this technology being used in the financial industry such as payment authentication and identity verification?
Hitachi have been working with many of the worlds banks and in payment solutions, With customers such as Teb, Aktif Bank, Barclays, Society General, and many others.

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