Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust appoint Cylera for healthcare IoT device ecosystem

 Cylera and The AbedGraham Group, have been selected by Dartford and Gravesham (DGT) NHS Trust to develop  a medical device and IoT infrastructure.

As one of the key hospital trusts in North Kent, England, DGT provides acute and outpatient services for a local population of 500,000 people. DGT recognised the need to identify and secure against clinical and enterprise IoT cybersecurity risks as top priority. Other more generalist solutions considered could scan networks and inventory devices, but only Cylera and its unique integration with The AbedGraham Group’s clinical risk analysis platform provided the ability to examine and quantify real-time risks to patient safety and clinical services, align with regulatory requirements, and optimise clinical workflows and devices, all in one simplified platform. Through the strategic partnership, The AbedGraham Group’s Clinical Security Analytics Platform, [CCOM2], is seamlessly integrated into Cylera’s MedCommand™ platform.

“Medical devices and IoT devices are critical to our ability to provide the best patient care possible to our local community. Over recent years the broad range of medical devices being networked and integrated with clinical systems has led to a new focus of cyber risk, requiring greater local intelligence and control,” said Neil Perry, Director of Digital Transformation at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust. “Through Cylera’s patented technologies and integration with AbedGraham’s analytics we are now able to identify cyber risks associated with this foundational approach.”

“Cylera and AbedGraham have been active participants in our journey to secure the devices most critical to our patient care delivery and cybersafety,” said Shaun van Niekerk, Head of IT and Cybersecurity and Joint Chair of NHS Cyber Associates Network. “All NHS hospitals are in a similar situation with the need to accelerate towards the goal of decreasing IoT cyber risk. This unique compilation of technology provides the exceptional capabilities needed to reach this goal.”

CCOM is a cloud based Clinical Security Analytics Platform integrated into Cylera MedCommand that analyses and quantifies the clinical risks that stem from IT and IoT endpoints across healthcare networks. From network infrastructure to complex medical

“Like many hospitals around the world, DGT forms the cornerstone of its region’s care pathways by offering both elective and urgent care services,” said Dr. Saif F. Abed, Partner & Director of Cybersecurity Advisory Services, at The AbedGraham Group. “Accordingly, the need to protect clinical workflows by identifying tangible connected device risks is paramount. We are thrilled to be integrated with Cylera, a partner that addresses the significant clinical risks posed by IoT.”

“The combination of Cylera and The AbedGraham Group shows how two distinct technologies can dramatically complement each other to give healthcare organisations and hospitals the optimal outcome of a secure IoT and medical device infrastructure,” said Timur Ozekcin, Co-Founder & CEO of Cylera. “As we continue our relationship with DGT in the UK, we look forward to expanding our presence in the region.”

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