Galaxy Gear to take the form of a wristwatch, wristband or bangle

Samsung smart watch to be called the Galaxy Gear

Samsung has filed a trademark for a wearable digital electronic device called the Galaxy Gear.

According to the listing, the Galaxy Gear will take the form on a wristwatch, wristband or bangle.

Earlier this year, Samsung’s executive vice president, Lee Young Hee, confirmed that a smart watch was in development, and although he was tight lipped about its name, features or release date, there were rumours circulating that the watch would be named the Galaxy Altius.

Whether that was a code name or working title, it looks like the device Lee mentioned is now the Galaxy Gear.

Samsung isn’t the only firm trademarking a name for its new wearable device. Apple recently went on what appeared to be a trademarking rampage, registering the name ‘iWatch’ in a number or countries, including Russia, Mexico and Japan.

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