Wall-mounted display integrates numerous household devices

VIDEO: HP rolls out ?home media hub?

HP is aiming to transform living space with its newly-released range of internet-enabled screen displays.

Aimed to be a PC/radio/internet hub, the DreamScreen can independently access certain internet services, such as Facebook, via Wifi, as well as connect to PCs for video and music playback.

It’s essentially a large wall-mounted iPhone.

"What we’re really trying to do is bring a simple, user-intuitive device that’s always on, always connected to the Internet, to bring Web applications that don’t require PCs," said Ameer Karim, director of worldwide marketing with HP’s futures and innovations group.

The touch-screen device integrates an alarm clock, weather notification system, photo viewer and a comprehensive global radio service.

The DreamScreen doesn’t not include a web browser, presumably by choice, number of web applications available are limited, for now.

"Internally, we’ve been calling it ‘bite-sized computing.’ It’s snippets of the stuff you’d normally get on a computer, but we don’t really want to bring productivity here," added Karim.


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