Advanced processor linked to new iPhone and game-ready netbooks

Rumours fly as iPhone Cortex processor upgrades

Chip manufacturer ARM is aiming to raise the bar with a new processor, the Dual-Core Cortex-A9, which can deliver clock speeds in excess of 2GHz.

Interestingly, the current Cortex-A8 chip is at the heart of the iPhone. Now, with ARM making progress on the next model, numerous reports are speculating that the processor will be used in a future iPhone model, dubbed the ‘iPhone 4G’.

The new processors will be built to attain high speeds at low power consumption. They are expected to perform 4,000 DMIPS while consuming less than 250MW per CPU.

The mix of processor speed and power consumption has also led to rumours that the device will bring forth a new era of game-enabled netbooks.

ARM is now licensing the architecture. It expects the first products to be available in Q4.

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