Manufacturers to take responsibility for own branded waste

Sony reaffirms WEEE support

After Sony announced plans to take responsibility for its own electronic waste in the US; its European wing has been quick to reaffirm its involvement in the European WEEE directive.

Speaking to PC Retail, a spokesperson for Sony said: "In Europe, Sony is establishing systems for the collection and recycling of waste electrical and electronic products with the aim of achieving extended producer responsibility while encouraging competition in the recycling market."

"Sony is one of the four founding members [along with Braun, Electrolux and HP] of the European Recycling Platform (ERP) which operates in nine EU Member States [including the UK]," added the spokesperson: " Sony introduced the Business WEEE Collection Service (BWCS), a unique recycling service for professional customers."

"Its proactive engagement allows Sony to have increased control over the management of WEEE take-back. This control is essential to a meaningful implementation of the principle of extended producer responsibility."

The organisation has stated that: "Initially, the platform will cover products from any manufacturer (historical waste). Over time, only branded products will be covered."

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