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Norton introduces new small business solution with 24/7 triple-lock cybersecurity

Norton has launched Norton Small Business, an all-in-one cybersecurity solution to help ensure entrepreneurs and small business owners are equipped to protect their financial futures. While nearly 90% of businesses globally are small businesses – 99.9% in the UK – many lack the means to protect their digital environments the way larger enterprises do. Norton Small Business makes triple-lock protection accessible for small businesses to safeguard their team’s online activities, devices, and customer data in easy, all-in-one cybersecurity solution.

“Owning a very small business often means each member of the team wears different hats, and usually cybersecurity expert isn’t one of them,” said Massimo Rapparini, general manager and head of small business safety at Gen. “Unfortunately, cybercriminals are aware of this and often target such businesses. For entrepreneurs and small businesses, falling for just one phishing email could have a devastating impact.”

As consumers face a barrage of scams and phishing threats, small businesses are experiencing the same, and they are targeted more than large companies. According to data from Gen, cyber threats that rely on manipulating people account for 82% of attacks on small businesses in the UK. Of these threats, phishing – for example, emails trying to trick you into clicking a link or transferring money – is the most common way cybercriminals try to access small business systems, private data, financials, and intellectual property.

Businesses with under 10 employees often lack IT support, putting companies at great risk if cybercriminal attacks are successful – and many are. In 2022 alone, cyber-crime cost UK businesses an average of £4200.  Norton Small Business helps small businesses disaster-proof their critical data to minimise the risk of financial loss.

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