Norton Identity Advisor Plus offers Credit Alerts and Credit Tools to keep tabs on your financial health  

Norton has added Credit Alert and Credit Report and Score features, which now come with with the Norton Identity Advisor Plus and Norton 360 Advanced plans.  These additions can help consumers track their credit score and monitor any changes to it, as well as take the necessary steps to safeguard their financial reputation if they spot inaccuracies or fraudulent activity.

The new features within the user-friendly dashboard provide access to Credit Alerts, an easy-to-access monthly Credit Report and Score, a Credit Report Disputes feature to manage and fix any inaccuracies on your credit report, as well as a Credit Score Simulator.

To help people better monitor and stay on top of their financial health, Norton Identity Advisor Plus customers can now receive Credit Alerts with updates on changes to their credit score. A detailed monthly Credit Score and Report can help them take action should they suspect fraudulent activity, like someone using their name or details to obtain credit, or spot any inaccuracies on their report. It also showcases how their credit score trends over time to better understand how specific changes can impact their credit score. With Norton Identity Advisor Plus there is also now the option of using the Credit Score Simulator, to see how certain actions, such as paying off a loan or adding a new credit card, may potentially impact their credit score.  Included also is Credit Report Disputes a feature to help customers to easily dispute information they believe to be incorrect on their credit report, with just a few clicks.

“With people beginning to monitor their finances more closely due to the current economic climate, it has become more important than ever to have a quick and easy way of tracking your credit score. Regularly checking your credit report and score also can help protect you from identity theft, since you should be able to spot if someone’s using your name or details fraudulently. With Norton Identity Advisor Plus, UK customers can access a range of identity protection features through Norton, plus credit tools to track their credit score and get alerted when there are any major changes to their credit report, for example, closed account, missed payment or use of more of your available credit lines.” said Steve Wilson, Senior Director North, West & Eastern Europe for Norton.

“Fraudsters looking to steal your personal information can use it to make illegal purchases, open new bank accounts, or even apply for a loan in your name. Our new Credit Score & Report feature can help people to monitor and report issues with their credit score, so they can take action and stay focused on their financial health”.

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