OneSpan’s new cloud-connected DIGIPASS CX devices bring the highest level of assurance to the ever-growing problem of identity and credential theft and the increasing focus of relentless cyber adversaries.

OneSpan launches cloud-configurable personal security devices

 OneSpan’s latest cloud-connected DIGIPASS CX devices address the threat of identity and credential theft.

The devices support the use of high-security fingerprint biometrics and other methods, to ensure the integrity of authentication in high-value transactions and agreements.

Select from multiple authentication protocols – including the OneSpan secure Digipass protocol and industry standard FIDO2 and OATH;

“As the era of Web 3.0 continues to evolve, many organisations are ill-equipped for this next phase of the Internet, and the accompanying global crisis happening with identity and credential theft that has remained nearly unstoppable,” said Matthew Moynahan, President and CEO at OneSpan. “Solutions based on legacy hardware devices are no longer relevant today because they do not provide continuous and connected security, and they are not woven throughout the entire transaction journey. That’s why current solutions won’t stand up in the era of Web 3.0. We aren’t securing endpoints anymore; we are securing digital processes and customer interactions requiring continuous authentication and identity verification – no matter where that interaction takes place.”

DIGIPASS CX devices can be updated even after they have been deployed and distributed. This manageability is critical in an environment where enterprises must adapt quickly to evolving technology, changing business needs, and the threat of ever-more sophisticated attacks.​

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