Talkwalker Forecasting uses AI to predict consumer trends

Talkwalker has launched Talkwalker Forecasting, a new predictive analytics intelligence hub. 

Powered by Blue Silk Artificial Intelligence, Talkwalker uses AI to predict how topics, trends and campaigns will change over 90 days. Organisations can now identify new and emerging trends  in real time based on consumer behaviour predictions. 

According to Talkwalker, this in turn will allow them to be more proactive and optimise their strategies not just based on current consumer trends, but on the trends of the future, and deliver products that consumers want, before they know they want them.

Jack Richards Marketing Manager UK & Nordics at Talkwalker says: “Talkwalker’s Blue Silk AI provides users with the latest consumer intelligence analytics, enabling cleaner data, and richer insights, with a solution tailored for each client.”

Lokdeep Singh, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Talkwalker says: “Imagine how powerful your business would be if you already knew what will be trending next month. You’d be able to create more engaging campaigns, develop timely products that meet clients’ needs, and deliver more personalised customer experiences – and that’s just what Forecasting brings.

“It’s a game-changer that will help our clients when planning their business strategies, arming them with future insights based on past consumer trends. This is just the start of what we plan to do with predictive analytics.”

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