4D partners with DeepSee to ensure advertisers are protected from new fraud tactics in a post-cookie world

As the martech landscape evolves, changes in privacy laws are impacting the changes in fraud tactics. While cookies disappear and user based bot fraud becomes obsolete, marketers need to be aware of fraud taking on a new form, focused on site-based fraud tactics.

Contextual outcomes engine, 4D, a division of marketing company Silverbullet, has announced a new partnership with AI-powered insights platform, DeepSee, to further protect brand safety on the web, post cookie.

In April this year, 4D saw the addition of DeepSee to its Dimension Marketplace to enhance targeting and brand suitability contexts for its clients beyond traditional block-listing.

DeepSee’s analytics are not predicated on collecting large amounts of data from web users. Instead, DeepSee uses AI to examine the nature of websites and their networks to discover places that harbor site fraud.

By expanding its ‘Dimension Marketplace’ with the addition of DeepSee, 4D can now enable advertisers to further ensure their ads are running on suitable content and their customers have a good experience interacting with their advertising.

Umberto Torrielli, Co-Founder of 4D, says part of 4D’s mission is to deliver brands advertising in the most suitable environments, and go beyond the standard brand safety avoidance categories.

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