Rivery Introduces New Partner Programme

Rivery, the complete SaaS ELT platform, today announced the availability of a newly enhanced Partner Programme, expanding Rivery’s commitment to technology, service and consultancy partners. The new Partner Programme empowers partners to go to market with total flexibility, unlock new revenue streams and tap into a new Service
Partner marketplace.
“Flexibility is at the heart of engagement,” says Kyra Purvis, VP of Partnerships & Alliances. “With a ‘give to get’ approach, we developed an ecosystem for partners to tailor their approach according to their customers’ unique needs, entrusting us to support their goals. Trust is a key factor in enabling us to grow our business together.”

Rivery’s partnership-led mission stems from its co-founder and CEO, Itamar Ben Hemo’s extensive track record in leading two global SI consultancy leaders. Following the success of its co-sell model, Rivery has extended its programme, now offering a resell model as well. This new ecosystem gives partners the freedom to choose and switch between paths according to their business-specific goals and customer-specific needs. The flexible programme helps partners go to market smarter and deliver successful data management projects.

The two partnership models
The co-sell model allows Rivery partners to focus on the selling and delivery of their services from larger data management projects, like modernising data stacks, cloud migrations and advertising use cases. The resell model rewards partners for driving consumption of the technology usage adoption, ensuring joint customers get the most value out of Rivery.

“It’s clear how important a two-way relationship is to make the partnership successful,” says Chris Tabb, co-founder & CCO, LEIT Data, a Rivery partner. “From the beginning, Rivery made sure there was alignment on our compatibility around our ideal customer profile. Time is currency so it’s great that Rivery understands this by conducting a technical validation process, to not only evaluate us, but give us a chance to evaluate them in return, to ensure we’re confident in investing in this relationship.”

The voice of the partners is what makes Rivery’s new programme stand out and is a true testament of its close-knit collaboration. Partners will be able to share and view their feedback openly. Feature requests will impact Rivery’s product roadmap, helping to shape the future of releases. Enabling such partner-initiated features, allows both parties to build a cohesive business together.

Under the hood: The methodology
The new partner programme offers four pillars of support in its go-to-market strategy: sales, product, marketing, and partner management. Whether it be account mapping, building with a solution architect, running digital promotions, events or gaining a certification to upskill, these four pillars of support are designed to help push businesses to the forefront of digital transformation in 2023.
With the dynamic shift in the data space, organisations need to push forward with innovative technology solutions that will unlock the full potential of their business data and value.

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