Video: Panasonic Toughbook sent into the stratosphere to test durability and network connectivity

NetMotion has unveiled a new video showing a stress test it carried out on a Panasonic Toughbook.

Tying the tablet to a balloon, the team sent it into the stratosphere while running a Microsoft Teams call to test its ability to transition seamlessly from a Wi-Fi connection to a 4G LTE cellular network at 110 feet.

As well as testing the connectivity abilities, the stress test also demonstrated just how tough Lenovo’s rugged devices are, as the Toughbook came crashing back to earth when the balloon exploded somewhere over Herefordshire at around 100,000 feet. Once the team located the device, they found it was in perfect condition and the OS worked as normal.

Having worked together for several years with Centrica – a multinational energy company better known by its British Gas brand – NetMotion, Microsoft and Panasonic wanted to demonstrate the compatibility and reliability of their solutions in demanding and harsh environments.

By pushing these products well beyond their normal limits, the team wanted to prove that field workers everywhere can truly rely on these solutions to get their jobs done.

“A constant network connection is critical to the success of our field workers,” said Stuart Carver, mobile device specialist at Centrica. “NetMotion, Panasonic and Microsoft deliver incredibly complementary solutions that ensure a stable connection in any situation. This acid test was a brilliant way to prove it.”

Daniel Creasey, UK & I marketing manager, Panasonic Toughbook, commented: “Maintaining connectivity is clearly key for the vast majority of mobile workers, making this experiment an opportunity to showcase what we do for customers like Centrica. The Toughbook range is intrinsically rugged, designed to cope with vibration, shock and temperature extremes. Even after dropping 100,000 feet this tablet was unscathed.”

“Tests like these really push hardware and software to their breaking points,” added Achi Lewis, country manager UK at NetMotion. “While I wouldn’t expect the average person in the field to push the limits this far, it’s good to know that our devices, applications and critical network connections can outperform anything we throw at them.”

Watch the Toughbook’s stratospheric journey below:

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