PCR’s guide to the latest security software

Desktops, tablets and mobile devices are all susceptible to malware, so it’s important to ensure these devices can keep data and personal information safe.

Here are some of the latest security software products that will do just that…

Bullguard Premium Protection

Specs: Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista. Mac OS X 10.11 or later, Android Tablets and Phones, Android 4.0 and higher.

“BullGuard Premium Protection protects PCs, Macs and Android devices with one license. Comprehensive identity protection safeguards all personal information, strengthened triple-layer antivirus protection keeps out malware, a supercharged Game Booster enables lightning fast, safe gaming and a Home Network Scanner constantly monitors the network for vulnerabilities. There’s a lot more too.”

Contact: Spire Technology, Target Components, VIP Distribution, Centerprise, Micro Warehouse

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Specs: Layered protection for endpoints, web-based Security – no need for hardware, advanced application behaviour monitoring, AI And machine learning perfected over years, largest security intelligence cloud.

“GravityZone Business Security blends machine learning and heuristics with signatures and other techniques to offer protection against all types of malware, plus threats such as phishing, ransomware, exploits and zero-days. Pioneering and patented technologies like Process Inspector and machine learning algorithms have been constantly developed, trained and used since 2008. For instance, one of the most severe ransomware attacks – WannaCry – which affected companies all over the world in May 2017, was blocked by GravityZone machine learning algorithms and anti-exploit techniques. No GravityZone customer was affected by it.”

Contact: e92plus, Bitdefender

Datalocker SafeConsole

Specs: Complete audit trail, anti-malware protection, compatible with Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 and DT4000 G2 flash drives.

“Have complete control over all of your DataLokcer encrypted USB and portable hard drives anywhere in the world by using the SafeConsole management software. Complete audit trail, military grade encryption and Keep the productivity benefits of USB storage devices – without the risks of malware, data leaks and breaches.”

Contact: Simms

PSafe Dfndr Security

Specs: Antivirus protection scans device regularly, Applock protects apps from intruders, quick cleanup keeps your devices’ cache clear.

PSafe’s dfndr security is an all-in-one security and performance app that has anti-phishing and anti-hacking technology and can alert users and blocks malicious links in web browsers, messaging apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, and SMS. It also also includes features that keep a phone running at an optimal level.

Contact: PSafe

Avast Antivirus Business Pro

Specs: 100% malware detection rate, Sharepoint and Exchange server protection. Antivirus, CyberCapture, Firewall, Behaviour Shield, Web Shield, Email Shield, Anti-spam, Smart Scan, Wi-Fi Inspector.

“There are over 700,000 businesses who already use and trust Avast — not only for our 30 years of experience protecting the world, but for our worldwide network of 400 million endpoints that continually helps us identify the latest threats before anyone else.” – Arne Uppheim, Director, SMB, Avast

Contact: Avast

Bullguard Internet Security

Specs: Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista. Mac OS X 10.11 or later, Android Tablets and Phones, Android 4.0 and higher.

“Award-winning, triple layer, malware protection is stronger than ever thanks to a constant stream of updates, robust but discrete parental controls keep the kids safe and enhanced vulnerability detection protects against software exploits. Automatic network safety checks alert users if they’ve connected to an insecure network and potentially risky software drivers are automatically detected. And like other BullGuard products performance is better thanks to code optimisation.”

Contact: Spire Technology, Target Components, VIP Distribution, Centerprise, Micro Warehouse

Bitdefender Total Security

Specs: Complete anti-malware protection for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, multi-layer ransomware protection with ransomware remediation, network threat prevention, parental control, optimised speed and cross-platform performance.

“Bitdefender has been at the forefront of the online security industry since its inception, taking big strides forward with each new generation of products. With our latest consumer line, we are taking protection to new levels. We’re protecting people’s daily online lives using technology that only a short while ago was a security strategist’s seemingly impossible dream.” – Bitdefender’s Vice President Consumer Solutions, Ciprian Istrate.

Contact: e92plus, Bitdefender

Apricorn Aegis Configurator

Specs: Configure multiple Apricorn devices simultaneously, generate remote recovery PINs, securely load files onto devices during set up, create and save master profiles, data-encrypted secure implementation.

“Intuitive, simple and secure. This Windows-based software program quickly programs features and PINs into compatible Aegis secure devices. The Configurator will recognise multiple devices and allow administrators to program/configure/provision all of Apricorn’s compatible USB 3.0 and later security devices.”

Contact: Simms

AVG Internet Security

Specs: Stop viruses, spyware, ransomware and other malware, block unsafe links, downloads and email attachments, scan for PC performance problems, receive real-time security updates.

“Malware doesn’t just affect your PC anymore — it’s gotten personal. Through ransomware and webcam spying, hackers can get to your most personal files and photos, or even peep into your home. AVG Internet Security has many sophisticated security tools, protecting and securing your personal files – and your private life.” – Pete Turner, Consumer Security Expert at AVG

Contact: AVG

PSafe Dfndr Vault

Specs: Fingerprint authentication, military-grade encryption, break-in alerts, fake pin, cloud backup.

PSafe’s dfndr vault is a privacy app with military-grade encryption that allows users to save photos and videos to a private gallery, with the added bonus of being able to back them up to a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Contact: PSafe

Zyxel Nebula Cloud

Specs: Responsive web design, intuitive UI, multi-site view, role-based administration privileges, real-time and historical monitoring/reporting.

Zyxel’s Nebula Cloud software offers high security and scalability with complete control over Nebula devices and users. When organisations start to expand to larger sites and bigger networks, cloud-based self-provisioning enables easy, quick, plug-n-play deployment to multiple locations without IT professionals. Firmware and security signature updates can be delivered seamlessly through Nebula cloud services, whilst secure VPN tunnels can be established automatically between different branches over the web with just a few clicks.

This software needs to run through Zyxel’s Nebula cloud management hardware products including its switches, access points and security gateways.

Contact: Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Electronic Frontier Limited, ExertisNorthamber

Bullguard Mobile Protection

Specs: Compatible with Android 4.0 and higher

“Powerful, cloud-based antivirus detection keeps viruses out while anti theft controls lock down or locate devices that have been lost or stolen. Messages, calls and media content can be easily filtered and blocked remotely and discrete but tough parental controls help keep kids safe when they’re on the move.”

Contact: Spire Technology, Target Components, VIP Distribution, Centerprise, Micro Warehouse

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