Entatech goes bust – Channel reacts

After yesterday’s Channel-shaking news of the closure of Entatech, industry voices have reacted and had their say:

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Entatech for many years and have always been happy with the service received – particularly from our account manager Charlie Green. My thoughts go out to the staff." Danny Mason, customer service manager, More Computers

"My thoughts go out to Dave and his team this morning. He did an amazing job in sorting many of the outstanding issues with HRMC last year and pumped energy and positivity into the business, but there’s only so long even the toughest individual can swim against the current. I’m sure that he and the team will still have much more to give the channel in the future." Jonathan Wagstaff, country manager – UK & IE, Context

"It’s tremendously sad news, Hannspree has enjoyed a really healthy business relationship with Entatech over the years. My heart goes out to all the team up in Telford. I have known Dave Stevinson for over 25 years, as firstly friend and manager, customer and even competitor. I know how much energy, commitment, money and ‘know how’ he put into this project. There is no doubt he will be devastated, but will fight on for the good of everyone involved." Martin Kent, territory manager, Hannspree

"It’s a shame such a large company like this has gone bust, I feel for all the staff who work there, but also for the customers who may have issues with orders and warranty returns, this will affect more than just Entatech." Phill Griffiths, owner, Chips Computers 

"It is a shame they have gone and to be honest i think that it is indicative of our trade at present. I feel sorry also for the staff etc and customers who are left with issues to deal with after this." Phil Harris, director, PCI Xpress 

"It’s bad news for the industry and is a sign of the times ahead. Shame for the employees as we’ve met some great guys over the years. Wishing them all the best in their futures." Phil Barnfield, managing director, PC Clinic Technologies 

"Sad to see an established company like Enta fail after so many years." Allen Brookman, director, Essential Information Systems It’s a shame to see Enta go. My thoughts go out to the staff whom will be affected as well as the customers who counted on their services. Customers will have no one to turn to with warranty issues and the Indies will be out of pocket. That will hurt a lot of people." Jenni Griffiths, owner, Chips Computers 

"Another nail in the coffin for those supporting independent retailers; Less competition among distributors will not be good for us. Shame though for all the staff that have lost their jobs." Clive Sanham, director, PCSimple

"Healthy competition is good for the channel and keeps us all on our toes, so it’s sad to see the demise of Enta. I feel really sorry for Dave and the team – I know Dave’s worked manfully to try to retrieve the situation he inherited a couple of years ago, but sadly it was always going to be a tough ask." Paul Cubbage, managing director, Target Components

“It’s extremely sad to see any UK business struggle or fail. Our thoughts go out to the staff.” Westcoast group, managing director, Duncan Forsyth

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