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Medatech managing director Phil Nicholls speaks to PCR about its role in the Priority Software channel market, plans for expansion and the ramifications of Brexit 

What does Medatech UK specialise in?

Since its inception, Medatech has dominated the Priority Software channel market, fast becoming a driving force in Priority’s success in the UK. Medatech serves customers who require on-premise or cloud ERP in a variety of vertical markets, including manufacturing (plastics, chemicals, metal processing, pharmaceuticals, medical devices), WMS, customer service, project management and construction.

The UK company was started in 2001, how has it progressed since then?

Medatech started as a two man operation. Our main goal upon starting the company was to be focused and serve happy customers. In Priority and with our unique approach, we have addressed both goals allowing us to expand our business rapidly. 

The company is an Authorised Priority Partner. Tell us a bit about what that means for the company and the services it provides.

Priority is a 100% channel-driven company and select partners who they consider to be the best in the industry. As an authorised Priority partner, we focus on selling, integrating, maintaining and supporting Priority ERP installations. They have a commitment to equip us with the knowledge, skills, people, resources and tools to succeed as a Priority partner, which includes marketing support.

We provide comprehensive project management that includes gap analysis. The first phase of any implementation allows us to identify problems, understand demands and define the proper solution from within Priority. This is followed by the project development stage, where we execute enhancements according to the analysis results. We also provide customer support and service – help-desk and upgrades, and guiding the customer in the selection of necessary hardware and networks.

“Our main goal upon starting the company was to be focused and serve happy customers."
Phil Nicholls, Medatech

You have previously described your approach to business as “unique”. Why?

Our clients get a unique experience. That means they have a solution that matches their requirements completely and can be upgraded to all future versions without further effort or programming. 

Among its services,Medatech offers “Priority on the Cloud”. How did this come about as an offering, and how successful has it been?

With all Priority products available on premise and in the cloud (SaaS), a number of UK customers run Priority ERP in the cloud. Five years ago, perhaps 1 in 10 IT channel companies were actively involved with providing cloud-based solutions. As cloud popularity has increased across businesses, the market is moving to meet an app-centric delivery model, providing connectivity to the IoT and potentially more software. Priority has more than 1500 customers running ERP in the cloud worldwide. The UK has been slower to adopt, but is catching up.

Medatech has three offices in the UK, with a subsidiary in Australia and group HQ in Israel and a sales office in the USA. How autonomously do these all act?

Each country has its own managing director who is responsible for increasing sales and ensuring the customer base is happy. We work closely with each other, in order to ensure the best use of all our resources.

Are there any plans to expand further into different nations?

We opened our Irish office in 2016, and already do work for many European customers.

How has Brexit affected your business?

If anything since Brexit we have seen an increase in interest, as companies are starting to wake up to the fact that ERP software is about ROI. Leaving the EU will simply provide a slightly different environment which businesses will need to adapt to.

What does the next year have in store for Medatech?

We are planning a lot for 2017 and concentrating on account management to ensure our customers are getting the proper post-implementation care. In the next few months we will bring Priority’s new tools to the market, such as the Mobile App Generator, which allows users to easily a mobile app to perform their key functions from any device at any time.

Medatech is a technical services provider for Priority customers

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