iPhone 8 to get a new name and later launch date

Rumours have been rampant that Apple is set to release a limited edition, ultra premium phone to go along with the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. This model had (by various outlets) been referred to as the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but now new reports are saying that it’ll simply be called the iPhone Edition.

This comes from Japanese site Mac Otakara (via TechRadar), which points out that the naming would fit in with Apple’s high-end Watch Edition. 

The site also claims that while previously touted features such as an AMOLED screen, a glass back and the removal of the home button are being tested along with other prototypes. Apple has apparently not decided which of these technologies it will go with. All of the rumours that have popped up are supposedly due to Apple building a whole load of prototype machines, which means that it’s unknown whether they will enter mass production.

We do have a few details that have reportedly been confirmed though. These are the screen’s size (around 5-inches), a dual-lens camera, wireless charging, and a lightning connecter (rather than the previously reported USB-C).

In addition to this indecision about the phone’s tech, the site claims that the iPhone Edition will be announced alongside the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus at the company’s now annual iPhone event in September, but that it won’t go on sale until later than the regular phones. It is expected that Apple would try and get the iPhone Edition into stores before the end of 2017. 

As with all of these rumours, nothing concrete can be taken from this, but it’s worth noting that Mac Otakara is one of the more reliable sources for Apple speculation. Suffice to say that this won’t be the last we hear about this mytical iPhone between now and its launch – whenever that is. 

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