Team of the Month: Synology

In our Team of the Month section, we highlight some of the important faces from across the industry who perhaps aren’t always in the public eye.

This month, we speak to Synology.

Who’s in your team?

Billy Knowles – Sales Manager

Steve Winchester –- Sales Admin (the one who can’t pose normally)

Jeremie Francois – Sales Admin

What have been your biggest successes of the past 12 months?

We saw a big growth in sales. Jeremie also joined us from HQ, and we released our first Flash Station – FS3017

What’s the funniest or most memorable moment of working in your team?

Nothing in particular, but we do love Steve’s daily dad jokes, even though he isn’t a dad. 

What’s the best part of working in your team?

I’d say some of the highlights are probably going out on the road to meet distributors and resellers, along with getting to attend loads of events. 

What’s the hardest part of working in the tech industry?

There is so much tech out there and so many brands, all fighting for their place in the market. That makes it challenging

What is the team working on at the moment?

Top secret stuff! But watch this space for more chances to meet Synology staff in your local area.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the UK tech retail space right now? What are you seeing most people interested in?

It is full of drones and virtual reality

Who makes the best cuppa?

Jeremie, mainly because he is the only one who offers!

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