Is Print to Receipt the future of retail software sales?

Distributor Tech Data UK is urging more retailers to explore the potential of its Print to Receipt software download service, to boost their sales and efficiency.

After a successful pilot stage during which several customers have made extensive use of the tools, they are now being made fully available to all retailers.

Print to Receipt makes it easier for retailers or resellers to offer a wide range of popular software and games solutions at the point of sale, says Tech Data.

The service works by giving customers a receipt with a code printed on it that can then be used online to redeem software products.

The functionality can be quickly integrated into a retailer’s point-of-sale system and offers several advantages over POSA (Point of Sale Activation).

It enables retailers to maximise attach rates with notebook, PC and tablet sales, reduces supply chain costs, and makes it easier to manage renewal rates.

“With Print to Receipt the retailer can deliver the activation code to the customer instantly and we can now integrate that onto their tills very easily,” said James Reed, director of software and systems at Tech Data UK.

“We see Print to Receipt as a development of POSA which enables the retailer to reduce costs in their business. With pre-generated POSA codes, you need to produce thousands of cards and ensure these are distributed to each store which adds to supply chain costs.

“With Print to Receipt, you can mechanise products using Tech Data’s kiosk web browser solution, enabled for touch devices. The activation code is simply printed onto the till receipt by scanning an EAN code at the checkout. That makes it much easier for retailers to sell software in store, at the point of sale,” he added.

Tech Data offers retailers an extensive portfolio of software products. The entire and fully up-to-date product ranges of Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe and McAfee and additional titles from Sage, F-Secure and Iris Software, plus 3000 games titles from over 200 leading publishers, are available via Activate-here.

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