‘Gaming is a major driver for new builds’ – Target improves In-Store PC Builder service

PC indies can offer a range of bespoke systems far greater than anywhere else on the High Street, says Target Components, as it releases version two of its In-Store PC Builder configurator.

The service allows independent retailers to easily order parts in and make a custom PC for their customers. It’s designed to help them win business in the growing gaming space.

Amongst the new features are built-in overclocking, cooling and SLI/Crossfire compatibility. Compatibility checking on all components has been enhanced, and the system now automatically calculates cooling requirements for overclocked systems.

New components include the latest Skylake, Haswell and embedded CPUs and motherboards, mSATA and M.2 SSDs and DDR4 memory, with accessories from the likes of Antec, Gigabyte, MadCatz and AK Racing. 

Target says the configurator now boasts 700 trillion unique PC configurations. 

“Put simply, if you’re an independent reseller, you need the In-Store PC Builder," Target’s marketing executive Scott Franklin told PCR.

"Aside from the choice of options available, there’s a massive opportunity to become THE place to go for high-end gaming machines and high-end peripherals.

"Whereas Version 1 offered a virtually limitless PC range, ideal for supplying both B2B and B2C, Version 2 substantially adds to this, with new features like saving quotes and customer details, which is great for both consumers and business customers."

Franklin added: "But the real breakthrough in Version 2 is in the gaming space. Gaming’s thriving at the moment and is a major driver for new builds. It’s not just driven by the desire to play the latest games but by users who want faster, more powerful rigs than their mates.

"The ISPCB Version 2 opens up this space for indies like never before – it does all the clever, complicated stuff for you, things like checking compatibility of all products, calculating cooling requirements, even working out overclocking capabilities.

"It makes it easy for indies to spec-up, it provides a limitless range of bespoke gaming rigs, all without the need to carry expensive, risky stock."

Target’s Cory Lees, architect of the In-Store PC Builder, added: “Indies can offer a range of bespoke systems far greater than any available elsewhere on the High Street, and that extends much further into the gaming space than ever before.

"The beauty is they can do this without having to carry stock, and by promoting the values they stand for – expertise and bespoke customer service. Even better, customers using the In-Store PC Builder enjoy a typical 20 per cent plus uplift in average PC selling price by involving customers at the design stage."

As well as the increased gaming capability, other enhancements in version 2 include improvements to resellers’ administration system, the ability to save quotes, customer details, and “standard” builds, and quick links to jump to specific new technologies. 

The In-Store PC Builder is available free to all Target customers.

For more information visit https://www.targetcomponents.co.uk/instorepcbuilder

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