Video: Centerprise debuts its very first superhero known as ‘The Ruggedizer’

Wacky marketing campaigns are something we are familiar with in the competitive tech industry, but Centerprise has certainly upped its game with its latest ad promotion.

To promote the distributor’s rugged IT products, Centerprise has created a brand new superhero, known as ‘The Ruggedizer’, and has released the first in a series of spoof comic-style videos.

Brian Stokes, who is a team engineer at Rob Austin Racing, has taken on the role of the superhero, in the hope that he can ‘thwart the treacherous deeds of evil ordinary IT’ and replace it with ruggedised tech.

The first video Centerprise released, which you can view below this article, is set in a medical establishment, where ordinary IT equipment is being used by doctors.

However, after one doctor’s device is sneezed on by an unwell patient, The Ruggedizer is first on the scene to replace the broken laptop with a much more robust variant from Centerprise.

Richard Austin, marketing director of Centerprise, said: “We work in some serious public industries, so we felt that introducing some humour in this way was well overdue. We’re all human after all – who doesn’t like to smile?”

Complete with jazzy music and comic-style speech bubbles, the new video certainly puts a humorous spin on rugged tech, and will no doubt attract the attention of many in the industry.

“It’s quite outside how we usually promote anything at Ci (Centerprise International), but we’ve decided to go whole-hog on our hero parody,” added Emma Loveless, supervisor of distribution sales for Centerprise.

“We’re excited to see what response we get, good or bad – we’ll leave it up to the public to decide.”

We’re certainly looking forward to the next video from the distributor here at PCR. Who knows who The Ruggedizer will save from the ‘foes’ of tech next time?

You can check out Centerprise’s ad featuring The Ruggedizer in the lastest issue of PCR on page 20 – and the first video below.

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