Networking presents a ?significant growth opportunity? for UK resellers

A new study has uncovered substantial confidence gaps amongst those tasked with adapting existing IT infrastructure to meet new demands, causing significant opportunities for UK resellers.

The new research from Freeform Dynamics and Barracuda Networks predicts that resellers who evolve to take advantage of the next-wave of network modernisation will ‘rise to the top’.

“The research shows a discrepancy amongst mid-tier businesses whose existing IT infrastructure is almost at capacity, yet is expected to accommodate a host of new demands without compromising security or performance,” said Dr. Wieland Alge, VP and GM EMEA, Barracuda Networks.

“The next wave of investment will be in re-architecting the network. Resellers need to spend time with their customers to explain the benefits of the new technologies and they must act now to avoid missing out on this sales opportunity. The smart resellers will go out and steal their competition’s lunch.”

Over 600 IT and business professionals were interviewed, with the survey respondents citing several challenges that they are either encountering now, or anticipate having to face in the future:

– 62% of respondents felt making the business case and obtaining funding was currently a significant inhibitor to network modernisation

– 72% admitted limited understanding over when to use specialised versus general purpose solutions

– 56% were concerned about complexity, should they move away from UTM offerings

– 58% said they found it difficult to find time to evaluate their needs and explore the possible options

– 57% were concerned about the perceived need for specialised skills and resources

– 48% cited a lack of availability of solutions from resellers

Barracuda Networks has offered up some top tips to resellers to take advantage of the opportunities that this research presents:

– Demonstrate an understanding of the current IT challenges customers’ IT teams face and help customers to understand the likely network impact of their user’s growing expectations

– Educate customer’s IT teams on the solutions available on the market to suit their needs

– Help customers to build a business case for purchasing the new solutions and gaining internal budget sign off

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