STEM e-skills learning centre launches in UK

Academy Cube’s e-skills learning centre and UK national office has launched to aim to tackle Europe’s shortage of STEM skills.

Located at Birmingham City University, the office will develop the strategic alignment with the STEM agenda in the UK and Ireland to build the next generation of talent for the industry, addressing the challenges of employability and apprenticeship opportunities.

“This is a great opportunity for Birmingham City University to play a key role in addressing STEM skills shortages,” said Ardavan Amini, director of the Centre for Enterprise Systems at Birmingham City University.

“As well as developing the skills of our own students, through the running of Academy Cube’s UK headquarters here in Birmingham, we’ll also be helping to equip future technologists and engineers from across the country with the appropriate skills they need for a long and successful career.”

By 2020, the current shortfall of engineers in the UK is forecast to reach one million. CEO of the Academy Cube, Bernd Böckenhoff, commented: “With Birmingham City University, Academy Cube found the perfect partner to get talents into STEM jobs and address the lack of skilled labour in UK and Ireland. Without cooperation like this, Europe will lack the experts it needs in the long-term to drive innovation.”

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