Social network Gamee launches for casual gamers

Casual gamers can now get their hands on a collection of free games, thanks to the new social network site Gamee.

Founded by Czech Software, the mobile-first website is headed up by Bozena Rezab.

The network allows users to challenge their friends and other players inside and outside of the platform, as well as share games and results.

Plus, each game has been written in HTML 5, meaning they can all be played anywhere on the web.

According to The Next Web Bozena said: “First we decided to invest money in Gamee, and then it got so exciting for me that I joined them as CEO.

“The team has experience in gaming and app development, I the marketing and business perspectives – all things monetisation and client acquisition abroad.”

Bozena also revealed that the games will always be free for users to access.

Gamee begun its launch a few months ago in Turkey and Australia, and in the past 30 days it has had about one million gameplays.

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