The decline in the PC market is just a temporary one, says VIP Computers director Duncan McAuley

OPINION: Why tablets will not replace PCs

The decline in the PC market is just a temporary one, and gaming will help push the platform further in 2014, says VIP Computers director Duncan McAuley…

Despite data from GfK showing a 7.2 per cent drop in sales volume across the UK desktop market from Q1 to Q3 2013, I remain optimistic that we will start to see signs of stability in 2014. Let’s not forget, the market for desktop PCs is still huge and provides plenty of opportunities. 

I see the decline in the PC market as a temporary one, particularly whilst tablets remain fashionable. 

By their very nature, tablets are limited in terms of capability and I predict users will return to investing in desktops as the realisation hits that the tablet cannot replace the desktop PC as the main computing hub.

There is also the argument that the erosion we have seen in the desktop PC market is coming predominantly from the MNC level, not at local market level which is still strong. Assuming pricing is competitive, the added-value that the local market offers in terms of knowledge, experience and customer support is still second-to-none, with many people having a strong affinity to their local system builder. 

Following the launch of two new games consoles, there will be strong competition for the PC gaming market this year but the fierce support and unwavering commitment from PC gamers will remain resolute. VIP sees the PC gaming market as a continuing focus in 2014.

It is a market we believe will continue to grow stronger as a platform for gaming, especially with the constant stream of new component releases and advances in technology.

Our major partner, ASUS, is looking to make a significant impact in the desktop market this year with the launch of a new commercial desktop range. I see it as a real statement of intent and indication of confidence in the market when major vendors announce such plans because of the significant levels of investment required. 

New opportunities will arise when Windows XP reaches end of life on April 8th. This should instigate hardware and software upgrades, particularly from the commercial PC sector as businesses look to replace ageing computer systems.

Finally, one exciting new trend to look for in 2014 will come from the wearable technology sector which looks set to make a very big impression.

About the author

Duncan McAuley is director of UK distributor VIP Computers.

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