NPD study outlines emerging trends for usage of digital devices

Childrens? use of consumer electronics grows

A study by market research group NPD has found that children aged between 4 and 14 are using more consumer electronics than ever before.

While television and computers remain the most popular items, the emphasis has shifted towards high definition TV and laptops as opposed to traditional desktops.

Girls are more likely to use mobile phones and laptops than boys, but phones are showing a decline in the use of direct verbal communication, with children of all ages showing a preference for text and photo messaging.

Meanwhile, use of digital music players has grown, with 37 per cent of kids owning a music player, compared to just six per cent in 2005.

On average, household with children in the age bracket own 11 of the CE devices studied, with a third of parents planning to buy another device for their children in the coming year.

“CE devices are great, but content is the key driver that will help continue the growth of the kids CE market, particularly digital content, which goes hand-in-hand with portable devices,” said the NPD group’s industry analyst Anita Frazier.

“The increase in usage of portable devices opens up more opportunity to distribute digital content. We know from our report that kids’ acquisition of digital content has increased across the board in the past year, particularly for digital music, TV shows, music videos and online video clips. The marketplace has room to grow high-definition TV content for kids and digital music offerings for preschool age kids.”

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