INTERVIEW: EMEA channel director says CPU vs. GPU argument distract users away from building balanced PCs

AMD criticises component bickering

AMD has blamed its rivals for creating confusion amongst consumers over what is the most important component in a PC.

Speaking to PCR, AMD’s EMEA channel director Andrew Buxton (pictured) said that the company is keen to get past the argument over whether the CPU or GPU is more important and make customers realise that balance between the two is crucial.

"Of the messages going to the market, you’ve got some saying CPUs don’t really matter, and what you need is a really big GPU, whereas others are saying that processors are everything.

"We’re kind of in the middle, saying there’s an argument for both sides. What you want is a nice balanced PC."

Turning to the new Dragon platform, he said that the company’s partners would be crucial in helping to clarify the ‘balanced PC’ message. "It’s not necessarily a product, its more a concept that we put out there," explained Buxton. "Our partners, system builders and etailers, make it into a product."

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