UK consumer market has changed since vendor announced channel plants adds analyst

IDC: ‘Lenovo has missed the boat’

Lenovo has missed the boat when it comes to entering the UK consumer market, IDC analyst Eszter Morvay has warned.

The vendor is still adamant that it will enter the UK retail channel having initially announced plans in early 2008, but has continually refused to put a date on when it will begin shipping into the channel.

Speaking to Microscope, research manager Morvay said: "Lenovo has missed the boat. It has become very difficult to sell mainstream or higher-end notebooks because the size of consumers’ wallets has got smaller."

Lenovo’s director of the consumer group EMEA, David Bennett described the current state of the UK as "challenging" to Microscope, adding: "We haven’t finalised plans on when we will launch in the UK."

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