Vendor announces plans to expand its branded PC business into UK and EU

Gigabyte to sink teeth into Euro PC market

Gigabyte has announced its intentions to expand its own-brand PC operation to Europe next year.

The vendor, who has been producing branded PCs in its home market of Taiwan for the previous two years has signalled its belief that it can replicate its success there, abroad. Gigabyte has managed to capture 14 per cent of the Taiwanese market within two years.

Speaking to the Chinese press, Wen-chi Heng, president of the company’s PC section said that it expects to ship 100,000 units to the European, Chinese and Japanese markets in 2008.

The company, which has a strong ODM operation, has focused its own machines at the high-end of the market. The company said that it intends to not only ship PCs with Intel chips, but that it has also started shipping machines with AMD chips and Nvidia motherboards in an attempt to attract gamers from the high-end of the market.

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