Zyxel Networks launches Enterprise-class 22gbps (be22k) Wifi 7 access point

Zyxel Networks has launched its first WiFi 7 solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) and Enterprise-Edge – the WBE660S WiFi 7 BE22K Triple-Radio NebulaFlex Pro Access Point. Offering enterprise-grade technology, exceptional performance, and seamless cloud-based management and security, this access point is designed to alleviate businesses’ most challenging WiFi problems.

This wireless access point is designed to help businesses address the growing demand of high-density areas like offices, classrooms, stadiums and transportation hubs. With its triple radio architecture, the WBE660S supports speeds of up to 22Gbps, five times faster than the previous generation of WiFi (WiFi 6/6E), thanks to the wider 320MHz channel (exclusive to WiFi 7 devices), that not only improves overall throughput but also increases in capacity (more devices), by leveraging from the 6GHz spectrum. Additionally, the inclusion of a Multi-Gig LAN uplink supporting up to 10GbE, unlocking the full potential of 10GbE networks.

Powered by the Qualcomm Networking Pro 1220 Wi-Fi 7 Platform the WBE660S delivers robust computing power and ensures smooth operations even in the most demanding scenarios. The three 4×4 Smart Antennas optimize WiFi performance by intelligently shaping antenna patterns to intelligently adapt to each environment by mitigating interference.

Zyxel Networks’ exclusive RF-first design, incorporating Advanced RF Filter and Advanced Cellular Coexistence technologies, further minimises interference from adjacent WiFi channels and 4G/5G mobile networks – which are often encountered in high-density environments. The design not only ensures optimal performance across all channels, but also makes the most of the throughput increases provided by 4K QAM (exclusively to WiFi 7).

Managing and securing a mission-critical, high-density network with minimal room for network problems can be extremely challenging. Seamlessly integrated with Zyxel Networks’ Nebula cloud, the WBE660S comes with enterprise-grade features e.g. WiFi Health, WiFi Aid and Connect & Protect Plus (CNP+) with a one-year Nebula Pro Pack license included.

The WiFi Aid automatically troubleshoots network access issues across the entire wireless client onboarding journey, and the CNP+ provides enhanced security against breaches at the access point – securing the wireless edge at the point where most user traffic enters the network.

The WBE660S’ power options include PoE++ and USB Type-C charging.

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