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Brigantia tackles the risk of insider threat with Next DLP 

Brigantia, is tackling insider risk and data protection with its latest partnership with Next DLP.

Previously, organisations have had to rely on external defences, discovery, and classification to protect data. These legacy approaches no longer work, and with Intellectual Property and sensitive data being an essential asset to all businesses, it’s vital we find another way. With Brigantia and Next DLP joining forces, organisations can rest assured that their data is protected from both accidental loss and deliberate data exfiltration.

Next DLP takes an advanced approach to data protection through their Reveal platform. The platform is a user-centric data protection solution that provides rich visibility into data movement and is designed to uncover risk, educate employees, and end the risks associated with well-meaning and malicious insiders.

This next-gen technology utilises machine learning on the endpoint, identifies, and classifies data to reduce the risk of data exposure without impacting a user’s productivity. Reveal recognises, tracks, and takes active steps to protect structured or unstructured data.

Privacy controls are front and centre, the Reveal platform enables organisations to maintain the trust of employees and user privacy while still protecting sensitive data. And, unless the risk level is deemed significant, users’ identities remain private to security specialists.

Angus Shaw, Sales Director at Brigantia, said: “One of the first questions we ask of new products is this: does it solve a real problem? Next does, and so I’m very excited to be able to provide it to the channel. MSPs have been asking us for a product like this, and in my view Next is the best possible example.”

John Stringer, Head of Product at Next DLP, said:  “We’re delighted to have signed with Brigantia. As far as we’re concerned, Brigantia is the UK’s best, most MSP-focused cybersecurity distributor. Their quality assurance process is stringent, so I feel it’s a real seal of approval for our technology. I look forward to working with their partner-centric team, and helping more UK MSPs deploy our product.”

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