Cherry MX Experience Box and MX Switch Kit: MX switches to experience, collect and customise

Cherry is offering all currently available switches in new and informative packaging designed to benefit not only DIY enthusiasts and collectors but also inexperienced users who want to try out the variety and find out the best typing characteristics for themselves.

There will be another version of the box: the Cherry MX Switch Kit contains a total of 23 single-variety switches, which allows to customise hot-swap keyboards or realise other DIY projects. This variant is aimed at users who want to convert their hot-swap keyboards and even customise or perfect individual areas with different switching characteristics. But the new kit version also gives enthusiasts and DIY users the opportunity to build their own individual keyboards with the first-class Cherry MX switches or use in corresponding DIY projects. The MX Switch Kit is offered with MX RGB Red, MX RGB Blue, MX RGB Brown, MX RGB Black, MX RGB Speed Silver, MX RGB Silent Red, MX Black Clear-Top, MX RGB Green, and MX RGB Grey.

The MX Experience Box offers an overview of Cherry’s entire portfolio of full-size switches and so contains all ten different models. This makes it possible, especially for beginners who are diving into the world of mechanical keyboards for the first time to try out the individual characteristics of the switches and find out the desired switching characteristic. The box contains MX RGB Red, MX RGB Speed Silver, MX RGB Silent Red, MX RGB Black, MX RGB Brown, MX RGB Ergo Clear, MX RGB Grey, MX RGB Blue, MX RGB Green, and the MX Black Clear-Top. In addition, the box contains all of the important specifications for the switches. Due to the new presentation, the MX Experience Box is also suitable for collectors and enthusiasts who want to expand their private collections.

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