Cherry MX2A: The ultimate in mechanical switch design

Cherry MX, the originator of the mechanical keyboard switch, has revealed the MX2A. One of the most customisable gaming keyboards in the world is now the first model to be equipped with Cherry MX2A switches: the Cherry  XTRFY K5V2 is the next level in design and performance thanks to the Swedish design and the new switch generation.

The Cherry MX2A promises smoother actuation for a more responsive and satisfying typing experience; improved acoustics for a more pleasant sound profile, and a guaranteed lifespan of more than 100 million actuations, ensuring it will last for years to come. MX2A is raising the standard for mechanical switches and has been designed to be the most precise and reliable on the market.

The MX2A line will include the full-size derivatives such as MX Red, MX Brown, MX Black, MX Speed Silver, MX Silent Red, and their respective RGB variants, ensuring users can find a switch that perfectly suits their preferences. While benefiting from the overall MX2A enhancements, the MX Blue variant will maintain its distinct clicky character without the lubrication and barrel spring due to technical considerations.

MX2A guarantees 100 million actuations thanks to Hyperglide technology but now with a much smoother actuation due to the factory-applied premium-grade lubricant on the newly shaped, radius-convexed and diamond-polished socket dome. The automated, high-precision ring lubrication process also reduces spring noise to the minimum, delivering a tranquil and enjoyable typing experience.

In addition, the MX2A boasts a spring design, changing from cylindrical to barrel geometry for near-contactless linear movement, reducing spring deformation and scratching in this long-lasting switch. An updated, unique spring-centring stem adorned with a ‘crown’ of ribs ensures a more precise and consistent feel and sound, reducing scratchiness and improving sliding properties.

The new Cherry MX2A is rounded off by an improved stem guidance system with diamond-polished sliding surfaces in both the lower and upper housing sections for increased smoothness during actuation.

As with all MX switches, the MX2A continues to employ the Gold Crosspoint Contact System. This industry-leading feature promises reliable, precise keystrokes and an unbeatable debounce time of less than 1 millisecond.

Cherry XTRFY K5V2: The first mechanical keyboard equipped with the CHERRY MX2A

With the MX2A, Cherry XTRFY introduces the new K5V2, a compact and ultra-customisable gaming keyboard in a 65% format. Building upon the popular K5 keyboard, everything from the switches, stabilisers and keycaps to the cable, frame and even the logo plate is swappable, making it easy for gamers of all levels to create their own custom design. The K5V2 also comes with super-scan technology, scanning all keys every half a millisecond for faster detection of keystrokes, as well as strip LED RGB lighting, offering a more impactful illumination than ever. With a metal plate construction, double layers of sound-dampening foam and pre-lubed PCB-mounted stabilisers – the K5V2 is thoroughly designed with a focus on build quality. In addition, the new keyboard is fully featured, with per-key customizable RGB illumination, macros, media controls and more. All settings are made using the keys, no software needed.

The Cherry MX2A is available now for B2B orders and will later be sold separately to end customers and DIY enthusiasts. The first keyboards with the new switch will also follow soon. Cherry XTRFY is starting with the K5V2, which is expected to be available later this year.

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