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Luzern eCommerce unveils its latest Channel Optimizer platform release 

Luzern eCommerce, the leading European eCommerce Accelerator, today unveiled its latest Channel Optimizer™ platform release. The release delivers unparalleled new features and enhancements and is central to the company’s tech-enabled services enabling Brands to optimize sales, margins, and inventory across channels and borders. Leading brands already deployed include HTC, Nestlé, Wella, Petsafe and Philips Hue (Signify) Lighting.


Channel Optimizer is a managed eCommerce platform, meaning Luzern eCommerce manages the platform and the tech-enabled services on behalf of brands, as their third-party eCommerce enabler.  This flexibility and agile approach takes the heavy lifting out of eCommerce execution for brands enabling them to move fast, test and learn, and take control of how they perform and sell online.




Insights and Advanced Analytics: Enhanced performance indicators across shopper behavior such as propensity to buy, and enhanced performance indicators across brands and sellers such as factors to win Buy Box.  Better insights mean better business decision-making.


Fully Automated Returns: The new release automates the return process across channels delivering a fast, no-touch service. The easy integration to an ERP system removes the complexity for the brands whilst improving the experience for the consumer.


Dynamic Price Management: Real-time price change based on strategic pricing rules configured in the platform. Rapidly identify price, margin, and revenue trends for more effective price management. 


Fast integrations – API-driven Integration layer enables the most complete, modern eCommerce solution. A key feature is the use of the Amazon Seller Partner API which enables the ultimate optimization of product listings, better buy-box management including the latest competitor buy-box analytics and better analysis of advertising ACoS. The new release also integrates with connectors such as Marketplacer, Effect Connect and Myrakl for multiple marketplaces across Europe. 


Channel Optimizer™ is a modular platform and is headless. The de-coupled back-end engine enables brands to prioritize which elements they need from complete end-to-end to more tailored solutions that extend and complement existing eCommerce capabilities.  The composable architecture brings flexibility and scalability.


The platform also includes enhanced tools for managing inventory across multiple channels. Brands can now easily track stock levels in real time and adjust pricing accordingly. This enables them to quickly respond to changing market conditions and maximize sales opportunities. Additionally, the new version offers streamlined order processing capabilities that enable faster and more efficient fulfillment operations.


The company uses analytics-derived insights at its heart and presents the insights as a series of solutions that take the insights and apply actions to them that enable Luzern to act on them on behalf of the brand. It allows prescriptive analytics solutions to be implemented without the Brands needing to use data scientists for data analysis. This provides a simple-to-adopt solution that targets a selection of specific challenges that many brands face when selling D2C, on Amazon, and now supports multiple other marketplaces.


“We are excited to launch our newest version of Channel Optimizer” commented Mike Scally, CTO of Luzern eCommerce. “The AI and machine learning techniques incorporated can now deliver even more actionable insights to optimize strategies for brands to better understand their customers’ needs and preferences and deliver the best eCommerce experience.”


Ken Doyle, CEO, Luzern eCommerce commented: “We have built a world-class eCommerce platform ‘Channel Optimizer™’. We wrap this technology with revenue-generating services and deliver expert solutions to our growing base of clients around the world. It is a platform built by our experts for, and with, ambitious brands, and I’m delighted that our latest technology is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands.” 


Luzern eCommerce is committed to helping brands succeed in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape. With its cutting-edge technology and deep understanding of the eCommerce space, the company continues to set the standard for delivering innovative solutions that drive meaningful and measurable results for its clients.

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