The AGON AGM600 gaming mouse by AGON by AOC is especially suited for esports enthusiasts and hardcore gamers.

AGON by AOC launches high-performance AGM600 gaming mouse

AGON by AOC has launched the AGON AGM600 gaming mouse, especially designed for esports enthusiasts and hardcore gamers of FPS and action titles. Feature highlights include an ergonomic, comfortable design with a textured thumb rest and grippy surface, 10 customisable buttons and RGB integration. The AGM600 mouse is also certified with the NVIDIA Reflex technology for ultimate responsiveness and low latency.

The new AGON AGM600 wired gaming mouse features a Pixart PMW3389 sensor – supporting an excellent 16,000 dots per inch resolution, 50g acceleration, and 400 inches per second tracking accuracy. This precise sensor is crucial for an accurate, fast movement on the desk/mouse mat without interruption or malfunction. With a 1ms / 1000Hz polling rate, the connection between the mouse and the game is as continuous as possible. Equipped with exceptionally durable Kailh switches, rated for 80 million clicks, and a metal scroll wheel, the AGM600 is built to last.

Thanks to its ergonomically arched shape, the AGM600 supports “palm” or “claw” grip types for right-handed use. The skin-friendly matte UV-coated protective layer ensures a comfortable feel to the user’s hand, while dual-injected silicone side panels ensure a secure grip. Teflon feet mats on the bottom of the ensure that it is easily manoeuvrable on different types of mouse mats or surfaces. As a lightweight yet durable mouse, the AGM600 weighs ~115g (without cable), just the ideal amount to slide easily and remain precise in high-adrenaline situations. With its 1.8m braided cable for increased durability, the mouse is firmly connected to the PC via USB.

The AGM600 also received the NVIDIA Reflex technology certification for its low latency and responsiveness. This also means that when it is connected to a monitor with the NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer tool, such as the AGON PRO AG254FG or the AGON PRO AG274QG, it can accurately display the total system latency for each component. In doing so, gamers can identify bottlenecks in their systems and can make sure that they compete at the lowest latency possible.

Personal taste
The AGM600 is equipped with a total of 10 customisable buttons. In addition to the durable left/right mouse buttons, the mouse features a metal scroll wheel/button, and three side buttons (forward/backward and sniper button), which are easily accessible with the thumb. Furthermore, below the scroll wheel, the AGM600 features two buttons to increase/decrease DPI easily, a great feature when users need to decrease DPI for precision or increase DPI to easily cover the whole display with their cursor. In combat, the dedicated sniper button can be held down to shift DPI on the fly, perfect for pixel-perfect sniping. Finally, the AGM600 features two additional buttons on the side of the left mouse button, which by default, allow users to adjust the volume on the fly. All 10 buttons of the AGM600 are fully customisable.

The AGM600 offers extensive customisation thanks to the G-Menu software. AOC’s comprehensive hub software G-Menu to control all features of monitors, keyboards, headsets, mice, and other accessories, provides total control over the AGM600. On its front surface, illuminating the AGON logo and wrapping around its bottom side, the AGM600 features Light FX RGB LEDs, which can be synchronised with selected AGON by AOC or AOC Gaming products, enabling them to breathe/blink/wave in unison. The RGB lights can also indicate the selected DPI setting.

The AGM600 can save two profiles onboard, making sure esports athletes can use their individual settings in tournaments or esports events when they are not allowed to install or use 3rd party software such as G-Menu. 

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