CHERRY products awarded with Blauer Engel eco-label

CHERRY products have been awarded with the German government’s “Blauer Engel” eco-label.

The Blauer Engel is Germany’s world’s first eco-label.  This seal of quality guarantees that products meet high standards in terms of environmental, health and usage properties. This means that products awarded the Blauer Engel are more environmentally friendly than comparable conventional products.

“We are pleased that CHERRY’s keyboards have been complying with the ever-increasing requirements of the eco-label since 1994,” says RA Henning Scholtz, Head of Environmental Affairs at RAL gGmbH. For years, CHERRY has been offering this decisive advantage for consumers, public procurement and the B2B sector when it comes to environmentally friendly keyboards and will continue to provide orientation with the eco-label in the future.

CHERRY has confirmed that every member of its STREAM family, which comprises a total of five products, bears the Blauer Engel seal. In addition to the wired full-size keyboards, this portfolio also includes wireless, rechargeable and TKL versions. But the ecolabel is also well represented in the security sector, e.g. in the CHERRY SECURE BOARD 1.0 with integrated card reader and encrypted transmission. Find all nine CHERRY products that have been awarded the Blauer Engel.

Each product group has to meet various criteria in order to be awarded the Blauer Engel eco-label. In the case of CHERRY keyboards, the criteria include the product’s durability and repairability, as well as the choice of materials and recycling-friendly design. An independent jury, appointed by the Federal Minister for the Environment and consisting of representatives from various sectors of society, reviews these requirements every three to four years, brings them up to date and adapts them to more modern manufacturing processes. In this way, the continuous further development of products and an associated increase in environmental friendliness is ensured.

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