Skillsoft Launches New Assessment Capability in Percipio

Skillsoft’s Skill Benchmark Assessments is a new capability within its learning platform, Percipio, that enables organisations to determine their learners’ proficiency across the most in-demand technology, leadership, and business skills and deliver personalised development paths to expedite skill mastery.

Skill Benchmark Assessments assesses skill proficiency using criterion-based tests measure capabilities against specific objectives defined by leading subject matter experts. This allows organisations and learners to determine if they are objectively proficient in certain skill areas and successfully retaining and applying gained knowledge in the workplace.

“Amidst the Great Resignation, employees have made it clear they want to learn. However, time limitations, irrelevant content, and difficulty knowing where to start often hinder what should be positive journeys of self-development,” said Apratim Purakayastha, Chief Technology Officer, Skillsoft. “An effective path of learning ultimately comes down to the experience. With Skill Benchmark Assessments, as well as our recently released Percipio app for Microsoft Teams, we’re taking the guesswork out of where training should begin and delivering high-quality, personalised skill development within learners’ natural flow of work. This ultimately leads to future-fit workforces prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow.”

“The skills a business needs to succeed are changing, and the tight labour market makes hiring for skills expensive and slow. This puts a premium on effective enterprise skilling initiatives tied to important business objectives. To be effective, organisations need more insight into the skills their workforce has now and the progress their employees are making towards achieving the skills they need,” said Cushing Anderson, Program Vice President, IT Education and Certification, IDC. “Through its skill assessments, Skillsoft is empowering learners to reduce time to achieving their learning goals and providing essential visibility into the current skills of employees and the success of enterprise skilling initiatives. These insights will help the entire business, from the C-Suite to line of business managers, HR, learning and development teams, and individual employees, make better business and career decisions.”

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