ProLion renews its drive for channel partners in SAP HANA market

ProLion’s new ClusterLion, is a High Availability solution for SAP Services that ensures productivity continues with zero system downtime within SAP HANA and Application environments.

ClusterLion has Always-on Availability for SAP Services and removes the need for complex clustering. It provides completely infrastructure-independent monitoring which results in reliable decision-making, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and the high availability.

The solution also includes the potential for Automatic Takeover. If a failure is detected that requires a takeover, ClusterLion automatically switches to the replicated cluster without manual intervention or noticeable downtime.

Steve Arlin, VP Sales, UK, Americas & APAC, ProLion, said: “There are a variety of reasons that an organisation’s systems may go offline such as server failures and network outages and this can have a detrimental effect on your reputation, cause data loss or negatively impact on productivity levels. This is why Always-on availability is such a useful tool to have in your arsenal.

“Research from various institutions puts the cost of downtime at anywhere up to $1 million an hour; the reality is that it depends on the size of your business and how it operates. Organisations in industries like retail, manufacturing or healthcare rely on being able to operate at all times and they need to be confident that they can function without lengthy downtimes.”

“Whether its planned or unplanned, the only constant is that downtime will come at a cost to the business. ClusterLion works to eradicate downtime and these costs, and this is invaluable in the current landscape,” concluded Arlin.

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