PCR’s February issue: Independent Retailers and current Channel Trends for 2022

In the February 2022 issue of PCR, which hits desks at the beginning of February we will be focusing on Independent Retailers; looking at special partnerships, projects, growth markets and business trends.

Independent Retailers
If you are an Independent Retailer then we would like to hear from you for an individual Q&A on your business.

Gaming & Esports spotlight
In addition to our main issues, focusing on Esports in March, Sustainability in May, Education in August, Diversity in September and Gaming in November, we will also be running regular, smaller spotlights, each issue on Esports, Gaming, Security, Education, Sustainability and Diversity.

If you are currently working on any projects, partnerships or initiatives in any of these areas and would like us to cover it then please get in touch.

Custom build PCs

We will also have a focus on custom build PCs and how personalisation is a key driver for future proofing yourPC.

E Commerce
We will be continuing with our key focus on E commerce and how this is transforming the retail landscape. If your company has an omnichannel approach or its entirely E commerce focused then we want to hear more about your services offerings and how business is shaping up across both physical stores and online?

Big Interview & Life in the Channel 

If you have a current story to tell on how your business is performing or something special you are undertaking then we want to hear from you for our Big Interview piece, which we run each month.

For CEO’s and Tier one professional our Life in The Channel Focus is the ideal opportunity to showcase the people behind the business, covering anything from career progression, aspirations and initiatives to driving business forward. It’s the more personalised side of things that makes this focus so popular with readers and interviewees.

This is the ideal opportunity to discuss current industry trends topical news, what business advice you can offer to other channel partners and what plans you have to drive your business forward?

Sector Guides

Our sector guides will now be covering NEW PRODUCTS: We all love new tech so this is your opportunity to show off any new gear that has just launched.

We will need 100 words description, Quick product specs, contact details and high resolution images.

For all editorial enquiries please contact Editor, Michelle Winny: michelle.winny@biz-media.co.uk

We have some great commercial opportunities each issue to support your editorial campaign. Please contact PCR’s Sales Manager, Sarah Goldhawk for tailored packages to suit your needs covering web, print and digital: sarah.goldhawk@biz-media.co.uk

Read the latest edition of PCR’s monthly magazine below:

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