CHERRY legacy continues with DW 9100 SLIM

CHERRY’s DW 9100 SLIM is the successor to the DW 9000 SLIM.

A switch on the keyboard and mouse lets you toggle between Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz connectivity and a USB receiver for the 2.4 GHz wireless transmission is included in the bundle. Data input is via AES-128 encryption over a range of up to 10 meters in both cases.

Rechargeable lithium batteries power the keyboard and mouse for weeks on a single charge and when the status LEDs indicate low charge, you can continue working comfortably. Meanwhile, the wireless desktop set charges via the included USB-C charging cable. To prolong battery life, the set has an ON/OFF switch.

A metal plate provides maximum strength and stability while the keyboard remains flat. The separate magnetic support bar can be fitted in seconds to provide a steeper typing angle and when not in use, it can be removed just as quickly.

The basis for the excellent typing feel of the CHERRY DW 9100 is the high-quality SX scissor mechanism. Its defined and precise pressure point resembles a notebook keyboard and is an essential productivity element. The integrated status LEDs in the Shift, Scroll and Num-Lock keys are very useful and in addition they also flash to warn of low battery charge. The additional keys on the cordless keyboard have been chosen with practicality in mind. The desktop set includes quick and easy access to frequently used functions including: “Windows lock”, “Open Browser”, “Volume Down”, “Volume Up”, “Mute” and “Open Calculator”.

Rubberised sides and its compact shape results in a comfortable hand position. Resolution is easily adjustable to 3 levels: 1000, 1600, 2400 dpi using the integrated DPI. A two-colour status LED provides information about the battery and charging status, the selected resolution or the connection type at any time. The cordless mouse, which is also ideal for mobile use, has an exceptionally durable mouse wheel. The USB receiver has its own magnetic holder in the base of the mouse, to prevent it from getting lost.

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