PCR May issue biometrics and security hardware focus: How to get involved?

In the May issue, PCR will be running a focus on biometrics and security hardware.

We would like to hear more for vendors, resellers, distributors and manufacturers of:

Biometric readers such as scanners, fingerprint readers, facial recognition, retina scanners.

How to get involved?

We are looking for Q&As and opinion pieces covering this market segment?

We will be running an industry roundtable in the issue and would like to receive comment from specialists answering the following questions:

  1. Please could you tell me a bit more about the company and it’s core specialisms in regards to biometrics?
  2. What is the safest form of biometric tech to use?
  3. Please could you explain a bit more about the functionality of biometrics devices and how they are being used in specific applications?
  4. What industry trends or demands does this technology respond to?
  5. How is the industry benefiting from this technology?
  6. What are the key issues with implementing this technology?
  7. Can you mention any key industry partnerships that you are currently involved in in regards to biometrics?
  8. How advanced is this technology and do you see it being increasingly used in the future?
  9. Has COVID-19 had any impact on the need for this tech such as temperature readers?
  10. How is this technology being used in the financial industry such as payment authentication and identity verification?

We will need about 100 words or so answers per question along with an image of the commentator.

Deadline is 31/03/2021. 

Alternatively if you would like to submit an opinion piece then please send 700 words and an image of the commentator.

Please send all editorial enquires to Michelle Winny: michelle.winny@biz-media.co.uk

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