Giacom adds Microsoft Azure cost reporting template to provide richer reporting for customer cost management

Giacom’s latest feature addition to its portfolio is the Microsoft Azure Cost Reporting Template.

This solution lets Giacom’s partners manage and track cost reporting with the addition of the Azure Cost Reporting Template. This is being descibed as a self-service way partners – and their customers can directly access billing data and customisable visualisation tools.

Rob Hancock, Lead Architect at Giacom,said: “Our main aim at Giacom is to make things simple and easy for our customers. In the current climate, we understand that cost management is a crucial point for our partners in building confidence around the services they are using. We therefore decided to leverage Microsoft’s Power BI to sync with our billing data and enable partners to use a reporting template to manage that cost data on a per-customer basis.”

Having access to this clear and visualised view of data also enables partners to engage with their customers and forecast effectively, to make sure that they are aware of what they are committing to, rather than receiving an unexpectedly large bill at the end of the month. This is particularly useful in the instance that the customer is working to specific budget limits as they can manage costs on a regular basis and take action when required. In addition, as partners can share the report with their end customers, the end-user can also review the cost management data as they need to and view the cost as the partner charges it, because they will have already added in their margin.

Rob continues: “With this tool, partners now have a visually rich user experience in terms of being able to drill down into cost data in a way that’s more user friendly to consume and obtain access to that spend and where that spend is going. It makes sure that you’ve been as optimised and efficient as you can with what you’re spending in the cloud.”

Guy Gregory, Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft, adds: “Giacom has leveraged Microsoft’s cloud services to deliver a simplified experience for our reseller partners and mutual customers. As businesses accelerate their cloud adoption strategies, it’s vital that cloud spend across their organisation is well managed. In addition to our native Azure Cost Management dashboard, we welcome innovative, value-add solutions from partners like Giacom to help customers on their Azure migration journey.”

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