TP Link's Emma Lattimer

TP-Link’s Emma Lattimer

TP-Link’s marketing manager, Emma Lattimer tells PCR what five pieces of technology she cannot live without

Where would we have been without wireless during lockdown? These past few months, we’ve all needed stable WiFi coverage in every corner of our home. We’ve transformed every square meter into offices, classrooms, cinemas and makeshift pubs for the weekly family Zoom quiz. Over the past months, I’ve honed my home networking skills to make sure there’s sufficient bandwidth for everyone in the family to have stable Teams calls with colleagues and school. Previously untouched, apart from the router setup, the Deco mesh router app has become a lifesaver. Using the Quality of Service tool.

Never leave home without it. For more than 10 years, the iPhone has been my constant companion. Like a Swiss Army knife, it’s replaced so many bulky paper-based items in my handbag. It also provides that all-important instant access to the fast-moving world of Twitter, the chance to stay in touch with family and friends across the world through apps like Instagram, Snapchat and of course, Facebook. And the camera… there’s no need to hump around a fancy camera when you go on holiday, it’s quite literally all there in the palm of your hand to capture the moment forever.

A natural extension to the iPhone is, of course, the powerbank. With the sheer number of jobs, the phone does it’s hardly surprising it needs a top-up towards the end of the day. Having a powerbank at the bottom of my bag gives me the peace of mind that no matter where I am or how late it gets there’ll always be enough juice to order an Uber or find the nearest Nando’s. It’s also been the catalyst for a great friendship that started by helping out a fellow commuter with a battery top-up to see them home.

Collaborative Cloud Tools
Managing social media for a brand can be very time-consuming, so tools like Slack, Trello and Hootsuite are essential to streamline and collaborate with colleagues in real-time. Responding to and engaging with our community via social is an essential part of the communications mix. Personally, I’m a big fan of Hootsuite; it means people from multiple departments can collaborate in real-time to resolve support issues and get those customers back online as quickly as possible. I also love the Hootlet feature that enables you to share relevant content in real-time directly from your desktop.

Smart Speaker
A big fan of the Amazon Alexa, it’s not just handy for playing music or keeping on top of the news, it’s also the heart of my smart home. Using skills from the various smart home brands, my Alexa manages individual lights, and plugs or whole groups of devices without having to go into multiple apps. The ‘drop-in’ feature is an essential part of daily life, vital for communicating with Teens hibernating in their rooms. And finally, I absolutely love the satisfaction of whispering “Goodnight Alexa” at the end of the day, and she turns all the connected devices off for the night.

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