Philips 558M1RY – 55” display size, 4K @ 120 Hz, 40 W soundbar by B&W

Size, response and sound combined in the Philips 558M1RY

This autumn, Philips Monitors will be launching their new generation of gaming consoles with a great visual improvement – the combination of 4K resolution with 120 frames per second output.It’s been six years (2013-2014) since the current-gen consoles launched and almost four years (2016) since their improved 4K versions launched. The high refresh rate gaming that PC gamers enjoy for a while now will finally become a reality for console gamers. Philips monitors just recently launched a new generation of 4K, high refresh rate console gaming monitors to match the upcoming console, elevating the gaming experience for console gamers to the next level.

The problem with consoles is, even though the hardware is the same for each model, the actual gaming experience can differ significantly because one part of the equation changes from home to home: the display or in most cases the TV. Display specialist Philips Monitors has focussed on this and brought the Momentum line- to the market: gaming monitors specifically tuned for the gaming consoles’ requirements, such as 4K resolution, high-tier HDR (High Dynamic Range), and the lowest possible input lag and fast pixel responsiveness.

Most current TVs have built-in processors to smoothen the image and increase colour vibrancy, as well as hardware and software for smart TV functionalities. All these options might be fine for non-interactive content such as watching movies & TV shows. However, all these improvements create an overhead and come with a hefty cost: input lag. Also, while the TV market employs OLED panels regularly, this type of panel is prone to burn-in. It’s extremely common in video games where some information is displayed all the time, such as a mini-map, scoreboard, ammo counter etc. So, what may be fine for non-interactive content might be problematic for interactive content.

The Philips Monitors’ console-focussed Momentum line-up already includes models such as the 43” 436M6 with DisplayHDR 1000 support, and the 32” 326M6 with DisplayHDR 600 support both with 4K resolution and HDR as well as exceptionally low input lag and high responsiveness.

Last month, Philips Monitors announced its newest console gaming flagship, the 55” console gaming monitor 558M1RY. This huge monitor boasts a VA panel, with 4K resolution and HDR support – DisplayHDR 1000. But the real deal of the panel is its refresh rate: it’s capable of displaying 4K and HDR combined with 120Hz refresh rate. Not only is the visual sharpness remarkably high and the illumination/dynamics are more lifelike, the animations and movements become a step clearer thanks to the high refresh rate. Moreover, to accompany the impressive visuals with brilliant audio, the 558M1RY employs a 40W soundbar, engineered by the British hi-fi experts Bowers & Wilkins. Equipped with the Ambiglow technology, the monitor is surrounded on three sides with RGB LED lights. These lights adjust to the screen content and expand the visual experience beyond the panel itself.

The 558M1RY impresses not only with its refresh rate, but also with its low pixel response time of 4ms GtG, and an extremely low input lag of just 2.5ms over HDMI (measured) which truly sets it apart from TVs.

A smaller, 27” model, the 278M1R, aimed at competitive console gamers and eSports enthusiasts will also follow soon, sporting 4K resolution on its relatively smaller size, resulting in extreme sharpness and fidelity. Just like its larger 55” sibling, the 278M1R has an incredibly low input lag and high responsiveness and increases immersion with Ambiglow, which covers all four sides.

Console gaming is a massive market with a lot of potential, according to market analyst Newzoo, console game revenues in 2019 reached 45.3 billion US dollars, with a 7.3% increase from the previous year and covering 30% of the total games market.

Philips Monitors have reacted to this growing demand and thus designed this Momentum line up – tailored to the actual needs of console gamers. Thanks to the Momentum line of Philips Monitors, ambitious console gamers can enjoy the full potential of the current-gen consoles (4K, HDR @ 60 Hz), and be ready for the next-gen consoles (4K, HDR @ 120 Hz) when they arrive this autumn. If you’re a console gamer, get ready and get in the moment before it’s too late.

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