Intel claims 10-nanometer chips will be ‘generation ahead’ of Samsung and other rivals

Intel has come out swinging in the build up to its much-anticipated 10-nanometer chip launch. Claiming its next chips will be a ‘generation ahead’ of its nearest rivals, Intel has taken a swipe at Samsung who already produces its own 10-nanometer chips.

According to an Intel spokesman, its soon-to-be-unveiled chips will have double the transistors of rivals Samsung and TSMC. Thanks to ‘hyper scaling’, Intel claims its chips will yield CPUs with 25 per cent more performance and 45 per cent lower power consumption that its current Kaby Lake chips. Expected to launch at the end of the year, Intel will also release enhanced tech called 10+ and 10++ in the space of the next 18 months.

The new 10-nm Snapdragon 835 chips have been dubbed the world’s best CPU its manufacturers at ARM claim it boosts performance by 27 per cent compared to previous chips. However, initial testing earlier this month threw up a mixed bag of results.

But despite the strong competition, Intel says that while its chip trace sizes are the same, it has better feature density, letting it squeeze in twice as many transistors as chips from Samsung. The 10+ and 10++ will offer a further 15 per cent performance and 30 per cent efficiency boost, when released, according to Intel.

The long-term aim for Intel is to produce 10-nm chips for the next three years before moving on to 7-nm chips by 2020 (about the same length of time as it has been between its 14-nm chips and the upcoming 10-nm processor).

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