Exertis named exclusive UK distie for Vector Watch

Exertis will distributor Vector Watch’s range of smartwatches in the UK.

New entrant to the smartwatch arena, Vector Watch, recently launched its first range of devices.

Manufactured from stainless steel, each smartwatch has a 30-day battery life and offers multi-platform compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows smartphones.

Using native intuition, a low-frequency Bluetooth notification system allows users to acknowledge or dismiss messages with a turn of the wrist, while built-in contextual awareness allows the device to understand and respond to patterns in user behaviour.

“The level of detail that has gone into the development of Vector Watch’s app means the device interface is incredibly intuitive; it is remarkably easy to use compared to competing smartwatches. Vector Watch has created devices that work across iOS, Android and Windows smartphones, these products are almost timeless; they look like regular watches so will not go out of style in a few months, and they will outlast your smartphone contract and be transferable to your next mobile device and beyond,” said Joe Officer, Head of Exertis Accessories Division, Attach.

“Watch makers have in the past always been at the forefront of technology in their space, so the people behind Vector Watch, with their backgrounds in that traditional watch market, are simply following a natural evolution for watch manufacturers. They absolutely know what people want to put on their wrists, and are now making it smart; it’s about creating a happy balance.”

The Vector Watch collection is available from Exertis now, with prices starting at £219.00 up to a top price of £349.99.

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